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Eton’s Cake Smash Session

Details – Photography by Stephanie Campbell
Strathroy – London – children’s photographer
Eton – cake smash session


The time has come and you’re turning one.
Your little life has only just begun.
But it will grow bigger along with you,
And richer with all the amazing things you’ll do!
~Author Unknown


A year goes by in the blink of an eye.  I swear Eton was just here for his newborn session a few weeks ago, but already he is ONE!  No longer a tiny little newborn, he is now an adorable, active little toddler, but still with the best hair!  As a newborn, he had a beautiful head of dark black straight hair.  He was so sweet and peaceful for his session.

I was so happy to see him again.  This time, he was much bigger, much more active, and his gorgeous hair had turned to curls!!  He had already had his first birthday party – a football theme – so it only made sense that his cake smash was decorated to match.  Eton was a little shy at first, as most one-year-olds are.  But as soon as his cake came out, he dug in immediately!  He smushed his hands in and pulled off pieces and shoved his mouth full.  I just love watching the little ones feed themselves and they huge mess they always make!


After making a wonderful mess and covering himself in cake and icing, it was time to jump in the bubbly tub to get all cleaned off.  Eton wasn’t so sure about the bath, but once we added a few rubber ducks and his favourite spoon, he splashed around and played for a few minutes before he was all done.

Happy birthday, little Eton!  It was so great seeing you and your family again!  I hope you have a wonderful year ahead and can’t wait to see you all again soon!


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