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Baby Charlotte’s Newborn Session

Details – Photography by Stephanie Campbell
Strathroy – London – newborn photographer
Baby Charlotte – newborn session


“A mother’s arms are made of tenderness and children sleep soundly in them.”  ~Victor Hugo


Every newborn session that I photograph is special to me.  I am honoured when a family chooses me to photograph their precious newborn baby.  Often, I am one of the first people to meet baby, and coming to the studio is one of the first outings they have gone on since baby was born.  I don’t take that lightly at all.  I am so grateful to all of my clients who choose to share such a special experience with me.

But when a newborn that comes to the studio is a part of my very own family, there is something even a little bit more special about it.  (And it’s not just that I can freely take extra cuddles and sniffs of that perfect newborn smell!)  Getting to photograph my own family is a little extra exciting because I know I will get to watch this sweet baby grow for the rest of my life and there’s something so exciting about that.

Sweet baby Charlotte is just the most perfect little baby.  She had the softest pink skin and just a little bit of brown hair on her head.  She slept like a perfect little angel through her whole session, stopping just once to have a quick little snack.  She was so easy on me, although her Mama had told me when they arrived that she can be a little fiesty at times!


Charlotte’s Mamas chose a beautiful neutral colour palette for her session – lots of cream with accents of blush and lavender.  Every colour that I put on Charlotte looked absolutely perfect.  Charlotte’s Mamas hung out with my family during the session, so posting previews of her session online has been particularly exciting for me as they didn’t see the wraps, poses, and props that I photographed Charlotte in during the session.

Sweet baby Charlotte is so loved by her Mamas.  They were beaming with pride as they held and snuggled their baby girl.  I was so happy for them as I watched from behind my camera.  We even got Grandma in on a couple of pictures, too!


As we finished up Charlotte’s session, we did one last pose of her Mamas holding her in their hands.   Her tiny little body curled up perfectly in their loving arms, which were inscribed with matching tattoos that read “ik hou van jou” which translates from Dutch to mean “i love you”.  It couldn’t have been more perfect.

Congratulations, Ally and Sarah, on the birth of beautiful baby Charlotte.  I am so happy for you as you add your daughter to your family and I can’t wait to watch her grow for years to come.


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