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Piper’s Cake Smash Session

Details – Photography by Stephanie Campbell
Strathroy – London – children’s photographer
Piper – cake smash session


From rolling to sitting,
To a quick little crawl,
To your first tipsy steps,
You have conquered it all.

You’ve had a big year,
And it’s time to celebrate,
So let’s gather around
Your birthday cake.
~Author Unknown


How quickly a year flies by!  I was fortunate to meet little Piper a year ago when she was a teeny tiny newborn.  She came to the Details studio for her newborn session where I got to meet her and her family.  Her siblings were so in love with her already and couldn’t wait to hold and cuddle her for photos.

I was lucky to get to see Piper’s whole family again as we started out our time together with a studio family session.  And Piper’s siblings were still eager to hold her on their laps, although she was a little less willing this time!  As any one-year-old younger sibling, she was much happier trying to escape their arms and running around playing.

After Piper’s family session, we moved to her cake smash.  Mama had brought with her a beautiful romper handmade by the amazing Nikki of Sarah’s Cloth and Accessories.  I had everything all ready to match it – beautiful florals in pink and burgundy and a cake made by my favourite local baker, Sprinkles & Swirls.  We started out with a few milestone photos to commemorate Piper’s birthday.  Her Mama had brought a beautiful vintage dress that she, herself, had worn when she was a small child.  So, of course, we had to get a few photos in that outfit as well!

Piper started out slow with her cake smash, unsure of what to make of the whole situation.  Being handed an entire cake to herself was something new so she wasn’t quite sure what to do.  We encouraged her and even dipped her fingers in the icing to entice her to take a few bites.  She played for a while, licking little bits of icing off her fingers and trying the tiniest little bites.  But playing eventually turned to tears as she decided she was done.  She lifted a large piece of cake and flopped down on her back in the most adorable and dramatic little finish.  Mama and I giggled and decided it was time to move on to her bath.


Piper enjoyed her bath, taking time to splash around and play with the bubbles.  It was the perfect ending to her session!

Happy birthday, Piper!  Thank you for coming back to see me and celebrating your birthday with a cake smash!  I hope you have another amazing year ahead.


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